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If you have recently started coming to New Vision and want to know more about how you can get involved, join a team, or would just like more information about the church we want to invite you to a Welcome Party. Welcome Parties happen one Sunday each month directly following our in-person service. We will hang out together for about an hour and lunch will be provided for you and anyone who may be with you. This is an RSVP’d event so make sure you sign up!  Text the word ‘party’ to 816-323-4455.


If you're ready to join a team, then your next step is to go to our Growth Track course. Growth Track is a three week program that walks through the three components of our mission as a church. It will also help you own your story, own your faith, and find your place. To sign up text the word "Grow" to 816-323-4455.





Each week, we serve our community by providing meals for children. We are able to provide food for a week, plus a gallon of milk for each child. Our food distribution happens, drive thru style, at the church each Thursday from 4-6pm or until supplies run out for the week. If you have children between the ages of 3-18, come by and get a meal bag and some milk for each child. For those of you who are available and would like to be apart of this Serve the CIty event we would love for you to join us. To sign up just text the word 'serve' to 816-323-4455.


Our baptism services are a special time to celebrate new life in Christ. We dedicate an entire service every 3 to 4 months to celebrate with those that are taking this public step of faith and obedience. You can sign up for the next Baptism Sunday below!